I’m a full stack developer and currently living in Dourados/Brazil. I have 8+ years of experience developing applications in PHP, but I also have experience with mobile/desktop development and general interest in technology.

I’ve started my carrer working with Visual Basic 6 a long time ago, but the paths changed and I ended up working as a full stack developer with focus on developing PHP applications.

Currently focusing on:

  • Application development (front-end/back-end)
  • Desktop development
  • Docker
  • DevOps
  • Linux

I like:
Development, Apps, Linux, Music, Drawings

PHP, Javascript, Python, Vala, Rust

Laravel, Vue, Tailwind, Flutter

PHPStorm, VSCode, Android Studio, DBeaver, Alacritty, Docker for almost everything

Fedora, i3wm, polybar, and a bunch of dotfiles